Project Four

Stabilizing a water damaged device for transport.

What method should be utilized to ensure a device arrives at the lab in the best possible state to be recovered?

Research project testing the recommended methods for preparing a device for shipment and shipping to a remote lab.

Water damaged devices prepped and stabilized before shipment will arrive to the lab with less corrosion, sediment build-up and higher probability of data recovery from device.

A defined set of identical mobile phone devices will be exposed to water submersion for defined amount of time. All submerged devices will be retrieved at the same time. Devices will be prepped for shipment utilizing three recommended methods then shipped through commercial couriers to lab.

At lab, devices and PCB damage will be documented with digital SLR and 20X microscope camera photographs to document which shipment preparation method results in the least damage, corrosion and sediment buildup.

Water samples will be retrieved at the time of device retrieval to capture the following variables - temperature, pH, TDS (total disolved solids), EC (electrical conductivity), salinity and chlorine to track impact of water variables across the spectrum of damaged devices.

Submerged duration:
Duration will be determined by project participant.

Submerged liquid:
Freshwater, saltwater, brackish water, chlorinated pool water, tap water, rain water

Help Needed:
Project participation requested.

Current Project Status: